Mutual Shoots offers free films for voluntary and community sector organisations.

We work with a variety of local businesses, who often sponsor Mutual Shoots to create media and films for charities, cooperatives, social enterprises, CICs and voluntary organisations. So if you don’t necessarily have the funding in place to promote your voluntary or community sector organisation, then please get in touch with Mutual Shoots. You could have your very own film in less than a month!

for-charities free films

In relation to finding a sponsor for a film – all voluntary and community sector organisations will be sensitively matched with businesses that complement their own services….. For example, if your organisation is involved in arts and crafts, then the business could be a manufacturer of art and craft products. Alternatively, if your organisation is an educational service provider, then you could be matched up with a company that produces educational supplies.

Consent and agreement will always be gained from both groups when a voluntary or community sector organisation is matched with a sponsor.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a film, then please contact Mutual Shoots to be matched with a voluntary or community sector organisation.

As Mutual Shoots is operated as a not-for-profit Social Enterprise, the cost of sponsoring a film is very attractive when compared other advertising schemes with the same reach and distribution.

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