March For The Alternative

Following on from the winter 2010 student protests against increases in tuition fees, a protest against more general government cuts took place in the spring of 2011.

Who Organised The Protest?

The (Trade Union Congress – TUC supported) group March for the Alternative, organised a march from Waterloo Bridge at midday through central London to Hyde Park where a rally took place at 1:30pm.

Members of Disabled People Against Cuts also joined this march – the first time since the 1920s that disabled people en bloc have joined a mainstream demonstration called by the TUC. An online campaign also ensured that people who couldn’t take part in the London activities could contribute towards the movement.

Another group – UK Uncut, organised complimentary activities known as direct action. Simultaneous occupations of tax dodgers and banks the length of Oxford Street occurred at 2pm with another gathering at 3:30pm for the mass occupation of a secret target.

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