Step Out!

A recent survey by the Conservation Trust’s Local People Programme found that around 90% of residents want more in South Wigston, Leicestershire for children and teenagers, or are concerned about anti‐social behaviour. The lack of a regular youth service has been a contentious issue for years in South Wigston. A group of residents and organisations have come together to see what they can do about this!

They decided that what they need to do next is ask kids (and their parents) what they want and to give them a chance to try new things. STEP OUT! was the first taster event to give children and teenagers a chance to have a go at loads of activities and have their say about what happens in South Wigston for children.

‘We hope this will be the first of many events in South Wigston, and that by putting on a brilliant event and raising awareness of the issue, we will support groups to start regular activities in the area. The residents are working really hard to come together and get something happening – it’s a great group with a real passion and a united goal!’ ‐ Jessie Cooke, Project Officer, TCV’s Local People Programme.

Music created by Pictures of the Floating World from the album Nebraska Fireworks (Sometimes It Shines) and by Andy G. Cohen from the album Through the Lens (Bumbler).

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