City of Solidarity

Since March, thousands of people have mobilised in Leicester to help the city meet the challenge of COVID-19. Many are also helping neighbours, friends and relatives informally. Many are part of existing community and religious groups. Some are organised in new ‘mutual aid’ networks. Volunteers from all these categories and more have come together to make a short video called ‘City of Solidarity’.

The video features people from across the city who — through many different means and organisations — have volunteered to help out during the pandemic. Filmed and edited by Mutual Shoots – just one of many Leicester businesses from all over the city who have donated to the COVID-19 relief effort.

The people in the video talk about where we are as a city, about how we felt in March, and how we’re feeling now. About the continuing relief effort, and how they expect it to pan out. About how some things are different – Leicester is isolated in a way it hasn’t been previously. But some things are the same – the people in Leicester are not isolated from each other.

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